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Which golfing legend owns the most British Open Titles?

264 is the lowest 4 round total ever recorded, but in which year was this? *

“I'm definitely under-thinking on the golf course, maybe over-thinking it off of it.”  
Who said this after a 79 at Muirfield? *

2012 is not so long ago, so who won?

How many times did Seve win the Open? *

In the Open’s first three-hole aggregate playoff at Troon in 1989, who joined Greg Norman and eventual champ Mark Calcavecchia in the playoff?

What is the maximum field size? *

What did the Open Championship do for the first time in 1980? *

2017 is the 146th Edition of the Open, how many times has it been played previously?

Scots won all the early Open Championships, but in which year did a Scot last win?

There is no logical reason to have a picture of a cow here

How much prize money will the 2017 winner receive?



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