No points for this one, what's your name, Clever One? *

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Easy one to start, which golfing legend owns the most U.S. MASTERS Titles? *

What is my favourite driver (BRAND NAME ONLY) of 2017?

Check puttsaround.com or guess!
What company had the number one selling driver in 2017? *

How many times if any has the winning score at the U.S. MASTERS been even par or worse? *

Youngest player ever to win any major? *

Tiger Woods hold the longest number of weeks at No. 1 in the world in golf at 683 weeks, who hold the second longest time?

HOW MANY WHOLE YEARS (52 weeks) did {{answer_CeRdI8XsIGFJ}} hold the top spot? *

Please Pick a GCW USERNAME

What type of golf club did I first review on my youtube channel?

We want you to finish strong and check you are a golfer, what colour is the jacket the winner gets at the U.S. MASTERS? *

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