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Which famous con artist's life is the film Catch Me If You Can based on?

How many stars does the US flag have?

Which of these is the Albanian flag?

Who painted The Persistence of Memory?

What is JK Rowling’s first name?

How many hearts does an Octopus have?

Well, you're halfway through with {{var_score}}/6 answers right. You deserve at least two slices of cake for that impressive effort...

Well, you're halfway through, with {{var_score}}/6 answers right. Let's be honest, you need to pick up your random fact game, {{answer_m7VT}}. We hear green tea is good for stimulating the mind...

In which country would you find the Cardamom Mountains?

Which UK city had the nickname “Cottonopolis” in the 19th century?

How many keys does a grand piano typically have?

In aviation, what does ACC stand for?

What is someone with Anuptaphobia afraid of?

What flag does the crew raise when their ship is about to leave port?

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Your prize is the knowledge that you probably know the most obscure facts out of anyone in the room. Especially if you're alone. Then you definitely do.
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Pretty good, {{answer_m7VT}}, that's {{var_score}}/12 answers right!
You're welcome at our quiz table any day...
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{{answer_m7VT}}, you got {{var_score}}/12 answers correct.
On the plus side, that probably means you don't spend too much time learning obscure facts just so you can be good at trivia quizzes ;)
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