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Easy one to start, which golfing legend owns the most U.S. MASTERS Titles? *

Ike's tree used to be on which hole?

2012 is not so long ago, who won? *

How many times if any has the winning score been even par or worse? *

Who won the first U.S. MASTERS? *

How many times has the title been successfully defended?

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Would your golfing  pals have got them all right?

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Americans have won the most TITLES, but adding all titles together, which country outside the USA has the most Trophies? *

What was the winning total in 2016? *

How any players have owned 3 or more titles? *

Which hole usually has the highest score versus par?

Please Pick a GCW USERNAME

We want you to finish strong and check you are a golfer, what colour is the jacket the winner gets? *

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