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Which golfer DOES NOT have 4 U.S. OPEN TITLES? *

Heres a free lesson, Happy Gilmore was released in 1997.
Who won the U.S. OPEN that same year? *

Longest par 3 in U.S. OPEN history?
Answer in YARDS PLEASE *

2015, not long ago, so who won? *

Fred Couples, nice guy, lovely swing, but how many times has he finished in the Top 5 at the U.S. OPEN?

Pro golfers are amazing, so this answer might surprise you, what is the highest score recored for 1 hole at the U.S. OPEN? *

How many U.S. Opens does Jack Nicklaus have? *

Well, you're halfway through with {{var_score}}/11 POINTS. You deserve at least some MASHED POTATO FOR THE EFFORT

Well, you're halfway through, with {{var_score}}/11 POINTS. Let's be honest, you need to pick up your random GOLF fact game, {{answer_NGua}}. We hear green tea is good for stimulating the mind...

What was the WINNING SCORE IN 2016? *

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We will do the rest
In what year did the U.S. OPEN PURSE pass 1 MILLION DOLLARS? *


Which club has hosted the MOST U.S. OPENS,? *

This course has hosted the event 9 times

Phil Mickelson has finished runner up, how many times? *

Which country will produce this years winner?

Thanks for the tip, we will publish all predictions on the opening day

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{{answer_NGua}}, you got {{var_score}}/19 POINTS.
On the plus side, that probably means you don't spend too much time learning obscure golfing facts just so you can be good at trivia quizzes ;)

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